Stalls 900
Balcony 200


Spears Worldwide - Booked through venue


In house crew


Production office with WIFI
Dressing Rooms x 2


In house MOJO for stage


Depth 5m
With 12m
Height 1m
Clearance 6m


8x8 riser x 1


63amp 3 phase mains with additional 16amp single phase outlets (PA)
125 amp 3 phase mains (Lighting)


Tech Spec

L’Acoustics DV dosc x 6 per side
L’Acoustics DV Subs x 1 per side
L`acoustics 218 Subs x 4
LA48 amps x 5
LA4X Amp Controller x 1
L`acoustics 12XT front fill x 2
L’acoustics 12XT delays x 4


Mayer PSM Cab x 6
L’acoustics SB15M Sub Bass Cab x 1
L’acoustics 12XT Cab x 2

Sound Surface

BSS Soundweb BLU100 Audio processor x 1
Soundcraft Vi6 Control Surface (FOH) x 1
Yamaha M7CL-48 (Monitors) x 1


Mic stock

Audix d6 x 2
Shure B91
Senn e609 x 3
Shure SM57 x 5
Shure SM58 x 5
Shure SM81 x 2
Senn 604 x 4
BSS DI Boxes x 4

Mic Stands

K&M Tall x 10
K&M Small x 5


1 x Azure moving light control
1 x 50m 8 way dmx loom
1 x Avolites Power cube on 63a 3phase
14 x Robe 136 led wash  + 4 spare
4 x Robe 250 at spots + 2 spare
2 x Atomic strobes + 1 spare
2 x 4 way Molefay
6 x floor cans
2 x bar of 6 p64 front light
10 x LED battons + 2 spare
1 x Martin 2500 hazer

DJ Equipment

Pioneer DJM 1000
2 x CDJ 2ks
4 x Technics 1210s

Load In

The load in to the stage is a ramp down from Vecqueray Street entrance through double doors to floor level and the onto stage left

It is approximately 8-10m from the doors to side of stage


Parking for 1 truck on site
on street parking available on Gosford Street and Vecqueray Street

Parking must be arranged in advance and the venue must be provided with vehicle license plates and arrival times 48 hours in advance


Curfews apply on club nights, please contact general manager for further details

Rate card for in house production